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Good to see you back visiting our site and I hope that you won't be a stranger. Loved talking to @TrishStratusCom on the current Ross Report Podcast that you can easily listen to here on the homepage, www.podcastone.com, and iTunes. My convo this week on a new show is with @WWE HOFER @RealMickFoley and as always a new show will drop on Tuesday night at 9 pm ET/6 PM PT and if you subscribe for free at iTunes they will automatically download a new show into the device of your choosing. I appreciate your support!

Thanks for stopping by our site. The Q&A's are updated elsewhere here on the site and you can enjoy our podcasts on the homepage by clicking one button. Plus, all the ticket info you may want or need on our upcoming RINGSIDE shows is also listed on the homepage. Thanks.

Good day everyone and thanks for paying us a visit. Check out @trishstratuscom on this week;s Ross Report podcast that is free to download at www.podcastone.com, iTunes and here on the homepage of our site. Trish Stratus has a lot to say on her visit to our show. Enjoy...

Greetings one and all and thanks for paying us a visit. We hope that you will bookmark our site and visit often. Lets roll....

Thanks for stopping by the site and please consider bookmarking it for future visits. I author multiple blogs per week here as well as updating the Q&A's here several times per week. On the homepage you can also click and listen to tour weekly Ross Report Podcast if you choose plus get all the info that you need on our upcoming RINGSIDE with Jim Ross Shows. My family appreciates you supporting our ubiquitous efforts. Ol JR. will never "Die of Rust" and retirement be damned! 

Welcome and a belated Happy New Year to everyone. Thanks for the January 3 birthday wishes, too. I'm burning daylight so here we go...

Greetings to one and all and thanks for the visit. Excited about our new Ross Report podcast with @KennyOmegamanX and @Lagana that drops tonight at 9pm ET/6 pm PT on iTunes and www.podcastone.com and here on the homepage of our site. Kenny talks about his 2016, WK11 and his plans for 2017 while Dave Lagana speaks for the first time on a podcast since resigning his post at TNA. Two really bright guys who share openly and honestly.

Thanks for stopping by our site  and we hope that you had a great holiday.  We had a low key Christmas at our Norman, Oklahoma home enjoying food, football and multiple siestas. Sometimes doing 'nothing' is the perfect thing to do. Our Christmas couldn't have been better. We hope that yours was even better.

Greetings one and all and welcome to the world's loneliest website and Happy Holidays! We appreciate your visit to our space.

Greetings a from a COLD, Norman, Oklahoma wishing that everyone is healthy and happy here at the Holiday Season. If you're not then I hope that you realize that matters of good health and being happy are often times up to us. We all need to look in the mirror occasionally. It's our obligation to keep ourselves 'honest.'

Upcoming Appearances

  • RINGSIDE with Jim Ross

    Sunday, January 29, 2017 - 2:30pm
    Improv Comedy Club
    San Antonio River Center
  • RINGSIDE: An Afternoon with Jim Ross & Friends

    Saturday, April 1, 2017 - 2:00pm
    Plaza LIVE Orlando
    425 North Bumby Ave, Orlando, FL
  • RINGSIDE: An Afternoon with Jim Ross & Friends

    Sunday, April 2, 2017 - 2:00pm
    Plaza LIVE Orlando
    425 North Bumby Ave, Orlando, FL